Recondite Meanderings.

Abstrusive thought negated once more. Paralysis of the netherworld ensued whilst the knaves endured their perfunctory plights. Vitriolic pejoratives were the customary greetings from the hegemony; their contempt was ravenous and unrelenting.

"No more! No more!!!" exclaimed the chief of the sectarian hordes. "They've disgraced us for the last time!!"

They began in earnest by flaying their masters, thereby shedding their obsequious shells and exalting themselves beyond their designed purpose(s).

A cataclysm ushered forth an affront from on high; then, and only then could one stand with such sacrosanct zealotry. When did one truly abolish their allegiance? When did one truly stand, when once, one could only crawl? Fortitude had arisen in victorious fashion, like the phoenix, only the ashes served to poison the well of the righteous!

They imbued themselves with self-serving nihilism; destroying the temples that once demanded them to genuflect, humbly in awe. A voice crept forth from the detritus of the once expansive empire:

"From whence did they awaken the Kraken from its slumber?!," cried the inquisitive imp. "The creature was banished long ago from our realm. How could such an insurrection take place amongst the peasant class?!"

Betwixt the mangled corpses and conquered egos stands a lone silhouette, devoid of conscience, now an exalted force, its stolid countenance casts a shadow over the wasteland. Its laughter resonates throughout the valley, leading those who have yet to vanish to shed tears of blood, and to cringe violently at the sheer evil that had been visited upon them, this day!!


Beth Graham said…
Nothing since July. You better keep writing!

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