To Whom It May Concern:

My main objective for starting (and hopefully maintaining) this particular weblog, is to convey my thoughts on various issues concerning (but not limited to): Science, religion, history, politics... etc!! There's no shortage of people articulating their own critiques and social commentaries online, these days. So, what do I hope to contribute? Who will/won't benefit (Cui bono?) from anything that I have to say? I'm not looking for a soapbox in which to condescendingly preach to the masses. In fact, being an atheist, I'll attempt to keep my secular brand of preaching to a minimum!! School shootings; celebrity airheads receiving posthumous fame, and political conspiracies (as well as other comparable media fodder) flourish in the United States. They reflect the zeitgeist of today's society (well, the aforementioned examples reflect a parochial set of phenomena exclusive only to America, but I'm sure you get the gist). How will the conflict in the Middle-East be resolved? Will it be resolved? What will be the subsequent repercussions of our occupation(s) of countries that seemingly need to be liberated? Why has America taken it upon itself to be the liberator? Who, in fact, needs to be liberated? I can go on Ad nauseam about an idealistic world. Utopia? or Dystopia?; you be the judge!!


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